In Business repulsion is most important than attraction

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Strategic repulsion is most important than attraction

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bikorshon.com is one of the most promising Branding and Marketing Firms in Bangladesh. It started its journey in 2019. From analyzing, Testing and Creating value to Deliver the values to the clients marketing team works for companies. Bikorshon realizes the essence of marketing for boosting the sales for sustainability of any organization with better ROI. 

When a business starts its journey seeking a milestone of success, it often falls with some bias for investing budget in marketing or branding. Some are wasting money with no marketing goals and strategy, some ignore the value of marketing as we called it as oxygen for any business or venture. We committed then to build a small and medium enterprise to ensure their return through a strategic marketing approach and help them to build a test of brand among their audience through SMART Budgeting and greater ROI (Return on Investement).

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Our Mission is to bring the best solution in Marketing Strategy for small startups.


Our vision is to become the best branding firm in Bangladesh.


We have a great history which we want to share with clients.

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